Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

The Veterinary Diagnostics Laboratory (VDL) provides certification and regulatory testing and critical surveillance information to veterinary regulatory authorities, as well as teaching and learning opportunities to students in Charles Sturt's Veterinary Science program and for postgraduate education and research.

The VDL provides comprehensive pathology services to veterinarians, government agencies and wildlife groups including:

Necropsy, histopathology, microbiology,  haematology, biochemistry, cytology and molecular diagnostics

Parasitology services are also directly accessible to primary producers and horse owners.

Phone: 02 6933 4000
Fax: 02 6933 4000

Hours: 8.30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday


The superintendent of the VDL is Professor Shane Raidal.

Emergency services are available as needed.  Enquiries can be made by telephoning (02) 6933 4000 or by emailing

Veterinarians requiring a VDL Fee Schedule please email the Diagnostic Laboratory to request an electronic or hard copy.


The VDL is situated in Nathan Cobb Drive (Building 295) on the Wagga Wagga Campus of Charles Sturt University.


The facilitiy includes a necropsy suite supported by laboratories for the diagnosis of disease. The necropsy room has an overhead gantry system and a hydraulic dissection table, capable of holding large animals such as cattle and horses. This room is serviced by holding pens, a photography room and a large cold room for specimens for research and disposal.

There are also laboratories dedicated to microbiology, parasitology, clinical pathology, histopathology and molecular biology. The majority of the facility is constructed to physical containment category 2 (PC2) standards, but with one PC3 room designed for working with high-risk disease organisms.

A laboratory and microscope room is dedicated to teaching and student use, in support of their training in histopathology, cytology, haematology and biochemistry.

VDL Staff

Professor Shane Raidal

Superintendent, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. Professor-Veterinary Pathology

Associate Professor Robert Woodgate

Associate Professor - Veterinary Parasitology

Associate Professor Andrew Peters

Associate Professor-Wildlife Health and Pathology

Dr David Jenkins

Senior Lecturer - Veterinary Parasitology

Dr Joanne Connoly

Senior Lecturer - Veterinary Microbiology

Dr Alison Neef

Lecturer-Veterinary Pathology/Clinical Pathology

Dr Shubhagata Das

Lecturer - Veterinary Pathology

Dr Emily Birckhead

Veterinary Pathology Resident (Doctorate of Veterinary Studies Candidate)

Kristie Hann

Senior Technical Officer (Clinical Pathology, Histology)

Naomie Tidd

Senior Technical Officer (Clinical Pathology, Molecular Diagnostics)

Lynette Matthews

Senior Technical Officer (Microbiology, Parasitology)

Maree Scali

Technical Officer

Lisa Eady

Technical Assistant