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Preparing for your visit

Opening hours

Monday – Friday from 8.30am to 4.30pm.

24hour Emergency equine veterinary care is available at the CSU Veterinary Clinical Centre (VCC), please note we do not offer an ambulatory service.

We can be contacted after hours on phone number 0419 385 049


The CSU VCC is located on Agriculture Ave (off Pinegully Rd), Wagga Wagga, Building 130, carpark 83.


Parking bays are on the right hand side once you have entered the gates, floats can be left on site at the owners risk.


Upon arrival at the CSU VCC take the second driveway and proceed to the automatic gate. Once you have entered the parking area please visit reception before unloading your horses.

At reception you will be asked to confirm your personal details, You are then free to unload your horses where you will be met by an equine nurse and a final year veterinary science student before meeting with a vet. For all horses carrying potentially infectious diseases it is important your horse is examined on the float/truck before unloading. This will give the veterinarian an opportunity to assess and make an appropriate plan before moving into the hospital.

Please note that children under 16 years and other animal’s i.e, dogs are not permitted in treatment areas of the VCC.


Your horse’s condition will be discussed at length with the resident veterinarian as well as the specialist. Before you arrive, consider making some brief notes about your horse’s condition, include dates of first signs, progression of the condition and any medications used.

The condition of your horse will determine the length of the consultation. We do our best to keep appointments running on time however, cases are triaged according to priority. If required your horse may need to stay overnight for procedures or observation.

Payment facilities

At the time of consult you will be supplied with an estimate of costs. CSU VCC requires that 30% of the estimate is paid  upfront. Full Payment is required at discharge unless an agreed payment plan of 90 days has been approved prior to discharge.

During afterhours emergencies we require 50% deposit of the estimate to paid via credit card or eftpos unless prior arrangements are made.

At the CSU VCC payment can be made via cash, Eftpos, direct debit or bank cheque, please note personal cheques are not an accepted form of payment.


VetPay is an accepted payment option at CSU VCC. VetPay is an external finance company, for information or to apply for VetPay or organise a preapproval go to: or ask one of our reception staff. Once you have set up Vetpay you will be supplied with a Vetpay pin please bring this with you.

Pre-surgery and fasting requirements

If your horse is booked in for gastroscopy or abdominal surgery, including cryptorchid castration you horse will be required to be fasted. If fasting is required, remove all access to feed 12hours prior and water 2 hours prior to admission. For all other procedures this is not necessary unless instructed by your veterinarian.

Please ensure your horse is washed before any surgical procedure.

If there are any further questions about your horses procedure or any concerns please call the CSU Veterinary Clinical Centre between 8.30am and 4.30pm weekdays on (02) 6933 2604 option 1, or email reception staff at