Costs and fees

Find information related to your student fees and costs including upcoming payments and due dates.

Scholarships and grants

Everyone deserves access to higher education. See what you're eligible for and apply.

Course fees

Information about course fees you may have to pay while studying at Charles Sturt. You may wish to defer or pay your fees upfront.

Charles Sturt card

Your Charles Sturt card is more than an ID. Find out more about how you can utilise your card for printing, exams, meals and more.

Account summary

An invoice/statement of your fees for each session.

Other costs and fees

All students may be charged for additional university costs and fees.

Fee due dates

Ensure that you pay all course fees by the payment due date to avoid incurring a late payment fee.

How to pay

There are many ways to settle your account: online, BPAY, direct debit (on campus accommodation only), in person and via mail.

Accommodation costs

How much it costs to live on campus and how you can pay.

Student Services Amenities Fee

Your Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) funds services and facilities so you can have a great experience at Charles Sturt University.

Refunds, remission and re-crediting

If you pay your fees and withdraw, you may be eligible for a refund of student contribution amounts or tuition fees.

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