Charles Sturt Card

A Charles Sturt Card is the official University Identity Card for students and staff and gives you access to a range of services and facilities.

The card also gives you:

  • access to buildings and 24-hour computer labs
  • borrowing access at the Library
  • use of photocopying, printing and scanning services
  • purchasing catered meals for students with a Flexi food meal plan, and
  • buying goods from most on-campus retail food outlets.

Your first card is free! Though you may need to pay a fee for a replacement card if you lose or misplace it.

Your card as proof of identity

A Charles Sturt Card is required for identification on Charles Sturt campuses, including entrance to examinations. You should always carry your card with you when on campus or attending a university event (yes, even exams).

If you are both a student and an employee of the University, you do not need separate cards.

If you are a student and asked by an external organisation to show additional evidence you are a Charles Sturt University student, print a statement of enrolment as proof.

Card expiry

The University electronic systems will manage and maintain your access to services based on your:

  • enrolment if you are a student,
  • length of employment if you are staff, or
  • ongoing association with Charles Sturt for other types of cardholders.

Your personal information and privacy

  • What information is stored on my Charles Sturt Card?

    The following information is stored on your Charles Sturt Card:

    • Student number
    • Unilinc barcode number
    • Unicard number
    • Cardax (building access) number, and
    • your name.

    The Unicard system also stores the serial number of your Mifare card.

  • How private is the information stored on my card?

    All the data stored within your card is encrypted and cannot be unlocked without special electronic keys.

    Charles Sturt Card stores only limited data in the memory chip. Charles Sturt may store additional data in the memory chip at their discretion but will notify you of the type of data through means of communications specified in this policy.

    Except for the library data, or required by law or with your consent, Charles Sturt will not share any information with outside organisations other than the university agents and will not sell or release any information regarding your usage or purchases.

    The following Divisions have access to ID data, card accounts and card transactions if required:

    • Student Administration.
    • Finance.
    • Human Resources.
    • Student Services.
    • Library and Information Services.
    • Facilities Management.
    • Information Technology.
    • Alumni Office.
    • Faculties and Schools.

    Unicard Pty Ltd also has limited access to records while maintaining the Unicard Card Management system and Unicard Transaction Management System (TMS).

    The Charles Sturt Library is a member of the UNILINC network of libraries linked by a shared computer system. Basic information about Charles Sturt library borrowers is available to UNILINC member libraries. This allows you to have borrowing rights at other libraries in the UNILINC Reciprocal Borrowing Scheme. Contact the Charles Sturt Library, Manager of Access Services for more information or respond to any concerns about having your record on the UNILINC system.

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