Looking after your card

The first rule of Charles Sturt Card is simple: keep it safe and look after it so it's there when you need it.

Set a PIN

Protect your card with a PIN (personal identification number)

The PIN controls access to the account for financial transactions and access to the online Card Holder Portal. It is a requirement that each card has a PIN set for the security of funds in the associated account.

To set your PIN, please log into the Charles Sturt Student Portal.

Your Charles Sturt Card and associated PIN should be kept secure.

It's your card

Don't loan your card out to friends

Keep your card in your possession at all times and treat your card like it is cash.

Do not loan your card to a friend to use. Cashiers and university officers will only accept the ID that belongs to the cardholder. Cards found in possession of someone other than the cardholder will be confiscated and cancelled.

You are responsible for ALL use of your card.

Card care

Take care of your card

Look after your card. Decoded or damaged cards may be rejected by card readers and may limit your access to some services and features.

To ensure problem-free use of your card, do not:

  • bend or fold
  • subject to heat (e.g. car dashboard)
  • subject to strong magnetic fields (e.g. leaving the card on speakers, TV or microwave)
  • store your card in close contact with a mobile phone
  • pass through a washing machine
  • punch holes in the card
  • pass through other card systems such as bank ATMs

If you have trouble using your card, take the card to Student Central, a team member can assess the card and help identify the cause of any issues.

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