Online exams

An online exam is where you use an online system or webpage to access the exam questions and submit your answers or responses.

Technology time allowances will be given to most time-limited exams. If you receive technology time allowances, this will be added to your exam timetable in the coming weeks.

How online exams work

Nearly all students will sit their exams in the Interact2 Test Centre exam, which you access and complete using your online web browser, such as Chrome. You may have previously completed an online quiz using this system. There may also be other types of online exam systems used in this session.

Your online exam will be delivered through Interact2 Test Centre. You may have previously completed an online quiz using this system.

Access your Interact2 Test Centre using an online web browser, such as Chrome. Make sure you have turned off any pop-up blocking software too, as this may block your online exam from opening.

Once you login to your Interact2 subject site, you will see an option on the left-hand side of your screen that will take you to your online exam page.

Before your exam is scheduled to start, a link will appear on this page. You may have to refresh this page.

Interact2 will automatically submit your exam for you when the time is up.

Make sure you write your own responses within the text field provided. You will not be able to cut and paste text into the exam response field.

Your online exam will be delivered via the online assessment tool, Mobius.

You do not need to download any software to use Mobius, however it is recommended that you download the latest version of Chrome web browser.

The details of your exam, including how to access your exam and how to submit your answers, will be located in your Interact2 subject site.

You must complete your online exam within the exam duration or you will receive a late submission penalty.

Preparing to sit an online exam

Follow these steps to make sure you're set up correctly on the day.

Step 1

See when your exam is scheduled

The time of your online take-home exam will be in your personal exam timetable.

Step 2

Understand how much time you'll have

Check if it will be strict time-limited or if you’ll have a submission window (a period of time) to submit your exam online.

Step 3

Confirm or update your contact details

Check your mobile phone and contact details are up-to-date. This will allow our support team to contact you should there be any technical disruptions on the day of your exam.

Step 4

Run through your preparation instructions

Check your Interact2 subject sites with the instructions your subject coordinator will give to help you prepare for your exam.

Step 5

Check if your computer or laptop meets the system requirements

You'll need to make sure your system meets the requirements to use the Interact2 Test Centre.

You will need to sit your exam on a desktop computer or laptop. For system stability, we do not recommend using the Blackboard app or using a tablet, Chromebook or smartphone to sit your exam.

Step 6

Test your system in Interact2

In the week before your exam, you'll need to test your computer or laptop using the Interact2 Test Centre.

Take a practise exam: we recommend taking an Interact2 practise exam, which will be in your Interact2 subject sites for subjects with online exams.

Check your browser is supported: you can check that your browser is supported by Blackboard (that system that powers Interact2) so that your exam will function properly.

Turn off pop-up blockers: you also need to turn off any pop-up blocking software, as this may block your online exam opening in Interact2. Learn how to check the pop-up blocker[PDF] settings for your browser:

Step 7

Follow your exam day action plan

Time-limited exam

Be ready at your computer and desk on the day to complete and submit your exam on time. You will also receive a 10-minute reading time.

Submission window exam

You'll have a set number of days to complete your exam. Make sure you complete and submit your exam by the last day of the submission window period.

For Interact2 Test Centre exams, please ensure you write your own responses within the text field provided. You will not be able to cut and paste text into the exam respond field. The cut and paste functionality has been disabled in most online exams.

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