Deferred exam

If illness or other circumstances prevent you sitting an official examination or adversely affect your performance in an official examination, you may apply for Special Consideration. In this case you will be seeking a Deferred Exam.

If the Head of School approves your application you will be awarded a DX grade and will sit a Deferred Examination when they are conducted in the next scheduled DX/AE exam period.

Breastfeeding, disabilities and health conditions

The university can provide alternative exam arrangements for exams and in-session tests if you’re breastfeeding, have a disability or health condition.

Please refer to alternative examination arrangements for this process.

How to apply

Before you apply, follow these steps to make sure you're eligible and if so, that your application is complete.

Step 1

Check the deadlines

If you cannot attend your exam due to illness or misadventure, you have up to three working days after the exam date to apply.

Step 2

Prepare your documentation

All applications must be supported by documentation.

Illness and medical requests

If you are applying for a Deferred Exam because of illness, your medical practitioner will need complete a Charles Sturt University Student Medical Certificate form [PDF] and you must submit this with your request.

If you experience adverse circumstances in an exam, you can also request a copy of an incident report to support your request.

Non-medical requests

If the circumstances are not medical, please advise your subject coordinator and attach third party evidence and a statutory declaration with your request.

Step 3


Submit a Request for Special Consideration form and select a Deferred exam.

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