Workplace Learning

Although COVID-19 vaccination is no longer required to attend Charles Sturt campuses, you may need to be vaccinated to attend your workplace learning, depending on your industry or host organisation’s requirements.

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Get job ready. Work placements improve your practical skills and confidence. They also connect you with potential employers.

You'll gain real-world experience, using the same equipment your future workplace uses.

Get started

Each course has specialised requirements. Find out if you need to do workplace learning, and if so, how to get started.


Who has to do workplace learning?

Some degrees have compulsory requirements. To check your requirements, refer to your University Handbook. Make sure you follow the handbook from the year you started your studies.

Don't worry if your course doesn't have specific workplace learning requirements. We can still help you gain real-world experience. Find out about voluntary opportunities.


When are your placements delivered?

Workplace learning requirements are generally completed as part of your subjects. Check your subject outline for more information.

Due to the number of students that need to be placed, your WPL block won't always match the exact session dates of your subject enrolment. This can result in a pending grade. Don't worry, your grade will update once you complete the placement and supply your post-placement documentation.

There are exceptions to this rule. For example, engineering completes a one year placement at the end of the degree. You will find out about your specific course requirements from your Course Coordinator at the start of your degree.


Where will your placement take place?

We'll do our best to allocate you a suitable location. Due to the ratio of students to spots available, you may need to travel.

It's important to plan ahead and budget for travel, accommodation and time off work. You might only get 4 weeks notice of where your placement is.

It’s never too early to start budgeting!

Our budgeting tips


Find specific details for each placement

Every course and subject has specific requirements. To find out more, visit your Interact2 course and subject sites. There is also information available on your faculty and school websites (see below).

To get an idea of your future requirements, have a look at past subject outlines. But keep in mind that these can change from session to session.

Start now

Start preparing

Even if you don’t have a placement this session, there are things you might need to get started on now.

For example you might need to get a course of immunisations that take 6 months. Avoid getting caught out and start preparing now. Head to your faculty and school websites to find out more.

Your Faculty and School

You can find more information on your faculty and school websites.

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