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Session 3

Some courses may have compulsory Session 3 enrolment, but Session 3 could be a great opportunity to catch up on subjects or fast-track your degree.

To better understand if this applies to you, please:

  1. See what subjects you need to study in the University Handbook.
  2. Check the Subject Availability List (SAL) and see if these subjects are offered in Session 3.
  3. Find out how to enrol and add your subjects.

Courses with compulsory Session 3 study

Course Code Course Name
2301COGraduate Certificate in Commerce
2301HMGraduate Certificate in Human Resource Management
2302NRGraduate Certificate in Industrial Relations
2305BAGraduate Certificate in Business Administration
2308ITGraduate Certificate in Information Technology
2308OCGraduate Certificate in Organisational Change
2314ITGraduate Certificate in Management (Information Technology)
2317CLGraduate Certificate in Organisational Coaching and Leadership
2317MKGraduate Certificate in Marketing
2317PMGraduate Certificate in Project Management
2317VCGraduate Certificate in Cloud Computing and Virtualisation
2318CSGraduate Certificate in Cyber Security
2319DMGraduate Certificate in Applied Digital Marketing
2320ADGraduate Certificate in Applied Data Science
2319FNGraduate Certificate in Finance
2321CTGraduate Certificate in Computing (Career Transition)
2320CPGraduate Certificate in Business Administration (Computing) 
2320SOGraduate Certificate in Social and Organisational Leadership
2321IRGraduate Certificate in Industrial Relations
2321OCGraduate Certificate in Organisational Change
2322ABGraduate Certificate in Applied Business
2322BAGraduate Certificate in Business Data Analytics
2322NSGraduate Certificate in Networking & Systems Administration
2324SSGraduate Certificate in Information Systems Security
2614PMGraduate Diploma of Project Management
2617CLGraduate Diploma of Organisational Coaching and Leadership
2619FPGraduate Diploma of Financial Planning
2622ABGraduate Diploma of Applied Business
2610ITGraduate Diploma of Information Technology
2812ITMaster of Information Technology
2701BLMaster of Business Leadership
2701DRMaster of Dispute Resolution
2705USMaster of Business Administration
2709CPMaster of Business Administration (Computing)
2710FPMaster of Applied Finance (Financial Planning)
2713HMMaster of Human Resource Management
2714CPMaster of Business Administration (Computing)
2714LSMaster of Business Administration (Law Enforcement & Security)
2714PMMaster of Project Management
2717ITMaster of Management (Information Technology)
2717MKMaster of Marketing
2717VCMaster of Cloud Computing and Virtualisation
2718CSMaster of Cyber Security
2719AFMaster of Applied Finance
2719DMMaster of Applied Digital Marketing
2720CPMaster of Business Administration (Computing) 
2720SOMaster of Social and Organisational Leadership
2722ABMaster of Applied Business
2722NSMaster of Networking & Systems Administration
2724SSMaster of Information Systems Security
2726USMaster of Commerce
Course Code Course Name
1417EK Bachelor of Education (K-12)
1420CP Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary)
3314WJ Graduate Certificate in Wiradjuri Language, Culture and Heritage
3415OE Bachelor of Outdoor Education
3422KS, 3423KS, 3424KS, 3425KS, 3426KS Bachelor of Education (K-12)
Course Code Course Name
4418SM Bachelor of Sports Media 
4488BS Bachelor of Veterinary Biology/Veterinary Science
4415VT Bachelor of Veterinary Technology
4414XS Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science
4414EM Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science (Sport Management)
4115ES Diploma of Exercise Studies