Find accommodation

You must find accommodation for yourself before you arrive in Australia. The University will not do this for you.

Getting help

We can provide help with on campus accommodation. Your International Student Liaison Officer can provide you with information and tips for off campus options.

Finding somewhere to live is one of the most important decisions you will make during your study experience. It’s essential to find the right accommodation to fit both your budget and your study and social needs. Research your options as early as possible before you leave for Australia.

Living on campus

  • Benefits
    • We offer a range of accommodation options
    • Accommodation is conveniently located close to your studies
    • Costs of utilities (electricity, gas and internet) are included in your accommodation fee
    • Some accommodation packages can have a meal plan added
    • You’ll have support from Residential Leaders and the Residence Life team
    • There’s a ready-made community – you’ll have instant companions
    • All first year international students are guaranteed on campus accommodation
  • Find a room

    To find a room, discover costs, and learn more about the support you’ll get while living on campus, visit Accommodation at Charles Sturt University.

    You can also book temporary accommodation, if required.

  • Payment

    You can choose to pay your accommodation fees weekly or annually with one payment in full or you can set up a regular BPay schedule.

    1. Set up a regular BPay schedule (we will send you info on how to do this before you move in!)
    2. Pay your entire annual accommodation fee upfront at the beginning of the year
    3. Pay weekly when you receive your invoice.
  • Shared accommodation

    All Charles Sturt on-campus accommodation is co-ed. This means males and females live in the same dormitories and share bathrooms.

Living off campus

  • Share houses

    In Australia it is common for young adults to share a house or apartment (unit) with other young adults, or with the owner of the house. Each person pays rent and has their own bedroom but shares the other facilities such as the bathroom, kitchen and living areas. Costs for utilities such as electricity and gas are also shared amongst the residents.

    Share houses are often advertised on the Charles Sturt off campus accommodation register.

  • Houses and units

    To rent a house or unit, you are expected to sign a lease or contract (often for 12 months), usually with a real estate agent or direct with the property owner.


    You will be required to pay a security bond (usually four weeks rent) and two weeks’ rent in advance before moving into the house or unit.

    There are additional initial costs for utility connection fees and bond for electricity and/or gas and ongoing costs such as the weekly rent.  For more information about costs, visit Living costs in Australia.

    You should never send any money from overseas or sign any agreement for off-campus accommodation until you see the accommodation when you arrive in Australia.

    For more information about your rental rights, see the Office of Fair Trading website.


    In some cases, character references are required by the real estate agent before a lease can be approved. It is recommended you bring copies of references from your school or employers.

    Finding accommodation

    Houses and units to lease are often advertised on the Charles Sturt off campus accommodation register.

    While it is up to you to find off campus accommodation, the International Student Liaison Officer can give you tips and information about finding off campus accommodation.

  • Boarding

    Families and individuals offer their home as accommodation to students. The weekly fee covers your own private room, prepared meals and electricity and gas bills.

    Boarding is often advertised on the Charles Sturt off-campus accommodation register.

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