English language support

An Academic Skills Adviser can help you develop your English language skills for academic purposes. When booking an appointment, please note that you are seeking help with your English language skills.

How we can help

We can help you with:

  • English expression, sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • learning how to edit the language in your own work
  • strategies to expand your academic and professional vocabulary
  • preparing for oral presentations
  • listening skills
  • reading skills
  • understanding Australian slang
  • adjusting to the cultural aspects of studying in Australia.

Three ways to improve your English language skills


Complete the Academic English for Australian Tertiary Studies subject

If you have a language background other than English, this subject will help you improve your academic English skills.

Topics covered in this subject include:

  • Preparing for study in English: Academic culture, language, and assessment;
  • Types of Academic English: Differences and key features;
  • Core academic language: Functions, meaning, and grammar;
  • Academic identity: Position and voice;
  • Criticality: Evaluating and questioning; and,
  • Optimising learning: Strategies and self-evaluation.

You will study around 40 hours of self-paced online learning. Your subject coordinator will give you support and feedback as you build your skills and confidence in academic writing.

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Join a workshop

We run a 6 part 'Enhancing Literacy' series to develop and practice your reading and writing skills. The series is designed for teacher education students preparing for their National Literacy Tests. All students are welcome to join.

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Self-paced learning

The importance of punctuation, grammar and spelling cannot be overstated. They help you to clarify your thoughts and get your meaning across fluently and clearly. These resources will...

Grammar and spelling guides

Talk to an expert

There are two ways you can ask us questions.

If you're still having trouble, you can book a 1-on-1 appointment with one of our advisers.

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