Review of grade

If you disagree with your final grade in a subject, you can apply for a Review of Grade if your reasons fall within the specified criteria.

Read Section 10 of the Assessment Policy for the criteria and process for a Review of Grade.

Grounds for Review

An application for review will be considered if you were disadvantaged because:

  • a subject outline was not provided;
  • the Head of the teaching school or the Subject Coordinator changed assessment requirements without consultation or changed them in an unreasonable way;
  • the assessment requirements specified in the subject outline were unreasonably or prejudicially applied to you;
  • a clerical error has occurred in the computation, recording or publication of the grade;
  • due regard was not paid to evidence of illness or misadventure experienced during the session; or
  • you are seeking a review of the mark awarded for a specific assessment task and the mark for the assessment task was returned and received after the final grade for the subject was awarded.  You must make a case for the review of that assessment mark in your application.

Applying for Review of Grade

Wherever possible, you should discuss your grade with the Subject Coordinator before submitting the Review of Grade application.

Where the Subject Coordinator is unavailable, or you are unhappy with the outcome of the discussion, you can submit an application for a review of final grade.


  • Your application should include details explaining why you are asking for a Review of Grade and include supporting documentation.
  • A separate application should be lodged for each subject.

Apply for a Review of Grade


  • Your application should be submitted within 14 days of when the grade was released to you.
  • Late applications are only accepted in exceptional circumstances. The Head of the teaching School must approve late applications. Late applications incur a late fee, which is not refundable.

Application Fees

  • No fee is payable for an application for a review of a failing grade.
  • Where you are applying for a passing grade or higher, there is a fee payable. This fee is refunded if your appeal is successful. Any applicable fees will be charged to your account.
  • You can pay this charge when it appears in Amounts Owing to the University on your account on the Online Shop

If you would like assistance with preparing your application contact Student Central.

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