Graduation ceremonies

It's time to get ready for graduation. We can't wait to celebrate with you! Here is what you need to do to confirm you will be attending a ceremony.

We are currently reviewing whether or not graduation ceremonies will go ahead as scheduled, due to the impact of COVID-19. We will be in touch in October with your ceremony options.

Step 1

Get ready to graduate

Once you are in your final session you will receive a graduation invite. You will receive this invite by email. When you receive your invite depends on which session you complete your course.

Most invites are sent during the last subject in:

  • Session 3, late May - June
  • Session 1, late May - June
  • Session 2, late October

Am I eligible to graduate?

Step 2

Plan where and when you want to graduate

You normally attend a graduation ceremony at your campus of study. For example, if you studied at Bathurst campus we will send you information about graduating at a Bathurst ceremony.

However, due to maximum capacity requirements we cannot guarantee that you can graduate at your campus, and you may need to graduate at a different location. If you are eligible to change locations you will be given the option to select your preferred graduation ceremony when you receive your graduation invite.

Step 3

Confirm you are coming

Your graduation invite will ask you to RSVP to attend a ceremony. It will then prompt you to select which ceremony you would like to attend. Then, once you've selected your ceremony, all you have to do is pay for your ticket (which includes hire of your graduation gown) and buy your guest tickets.

Ticket prices

Your invite will prompt you to purchase your tickets. You will then receive a confirmation email with your ticket attached. If you registered your guests with their personal email address, they will receive their tickets via email. You do not need to print your tickets. You just need to show us your ticket confirmation email to register.

  • Your ticket: $110. What your attendance fee covers:
    • Your ticket to attend
    • The complimentary use of your academic gown
    • Your trencher (cap) to keep
    • Small nominal cleaning fee of your academic gown
    • Refreshments after the ceremony
    • A printed graduation program
    • A graduate token present to you on stage
    • Charles Sturt University Alumni pin
  • Guest tickets: $15. All children above 1 need to have their own ticket. When you purchase a guest ticket you will enter their name and email contact. This will provide your guests with ticket confirmation. For international guests, this confirmation can be used in support of any travel visa application. You may also like to provide your guest with a letter declaring that you have invited them.
Extra tickets

We want all the important people in your life to be able to attend your graduation ceremony. Unfortunately, for safety reasons, tickets are limited to the capacity of each venue. If extra tickets are available we will let you know as soon as possible by email. So keep an eye on your inbox.

Extra tickets cannot be purchased on the day.

What happens on the day?


Questions about your graduation ceremony or ticketing? Read on below or search our FAQs database.

  • We'd like to attend but we're currently overseas

    We are so hoping to see you at your graduation ceremony! But we are bound by Government laws and regulations. If you are unable to travel at the time of your graduation, you are unfortunately unable to attend.

    Potential graduates and their guests can submit the following with their visa application:

    • a copy of the event invite/ticket and/or
    • a copy of the graduates completed transcript and/or
    • prepare their own letter of support.

    Letter of support for a visa to attend the graduation ceremony.

    Charles Sturt University does not provide letters of support for visa applications. If you are traveling from overseas to attend a graduation ceremony, you may need a letter of support to get your travel visa. You can use this template to write your letter.

  • Guest tickets

    Government restrictions mean more ceremonies with fewer guests. In the interest of COVID-safety there will be a limit to each ceremony.

    So ceremonies will be allocated on a first-in, best-dressed basis.

    Once the limit is reached on your ceremony options, the ceremony will no longer be available to select.

    Extra guest tickets

    So that we can ensure everyone can share the celebration with family or friends we have had to make the difficult decision to limit guest tickets to 2 per graduate.

    If there is available guest seating at any ceremony after ticketing closes, we will email all graduates attending. At that time you will have the opportunity to purchase additional guest tickets.

  • Gown hire and return

    You will be provided with use of your academic regalia free of charge. This is your cap, gown and faculty hood.

    All gowns will be dry cleaned and sanitised thoroughly between ceremonies.

    You will need to return your gown within 1 hour after your ceremony.

    I have my own gown, do I get a discount?

    You are welcome to wear your own gown, so long as it meets the Charles Sturt University Academic Regalia requirements.

    If your own gown does not meet these requirements, we can still provide you with use of a gown on the day. We will also provide you with your Faculty coloured hood on the day and your trencher (cap).

    Unfortunately, you do not get a discount. Your attendance fee does not include hire of your gown. This is a complementary service provided by Charles Sturt.

  • Refunds

    If your circumstances change and you are no longer able to attend your graduation ceremony, you can get a full refund or update your attendance, so long as ticketing has not closed.

    1. Go to your ticket confirmation email
    2. Select modify my ticket
    3. Request a refund

    If ticketing has closed, you will not be able to refund your ticket. See full terms and conditions here.

  • What COVID safety precautions are in place with gowning?

    All gowns will be dry cleaned after each use so you can be assured you are wearing a sanitised garment.

    To limit contact, staff will act as flight attendants to direct you on how to don your academic gowning.

    All trenchers are brand new, you get to keep this.

  • Will there be photography on the day?

    Yes, GFP photography will be taking photos on the day. You’ll have the opportunity to purchase photos of you crossing the stage after your ceremony, however if you’d like a professional photoshoot on the day, you’ll have to book this ahead of time.

    You will be provided with the booking link in your confirmation email.

    Note: This service is only for graduates attending a ceremony

  • Graduation packs and memorabilia

    Charlies Store and Charles Sturt Winery have created special Graduation Packs for those who are celebrating from home.

    You can either select one of our pre-made packs, or you can create your own packs of Charles Sturt merchandise including our graduation bears (with matching faculty hood), pens, socks, cups and hoodies.

    Buy a graduation pack

    Or you may just want to celebrate with your favourite drop from Charles Sturt wineries.

    Go to Charles Sturt wineries

  • Live streaming

    All ceremonies will be live streamed. This way friends and family who are unable to attend or travel can share in your celebration.

    Details of how to access the live streamed events will be provided in the lead up to the ceremonies.

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