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Teaching Staff

A large part of most academics' work at CSU is related to teaching and learning. The Division of Learning and Teaching (DLT) provides support for new academic staff, sessional staff and course design teams in teaching-related activities ranging from developing foundation teaching skills to course design capabilities.

DLT's Learning Academy takes particular responsibility for:

  • academic development including learning and teaching
  • reward and recognition for teaching
  • assessment. moderation and benchmarking
  • workplace learning
  • peer review of educational practice
  • teaching and learning leadership
  • scholarship of teaching and learning
  • graduate learning outcomes

For support contact Learning Academy staff in each of the above areas.

The Academy will foster awareness of graduate attributes with academic staff by supporting course teams to embed CSU attributes in the curriculum and by developing central learning resources that course teams can adopt. It also coordinates the Graduate Certificate of Learning & Teaching in Higher Education and supports CSU academics enrolled in the subjects compulsory for probation.

CSU academics seeking recognition for their teaching-related achievements can turn to the Learning Academy for assistance with awards and fellowships:

Academic staff in Division of Learning and Teaching can provide advice on scholarly research in teaching and learning, especially for CSU academics applying for OLT grants but in particular these DLT units:

Peer recognition and scholarship of learning & teaching are key elements for evidencing achievements in the academic promotion process. The CSU Academic Evidence Guide has been developed to support the teaching aspects of staff applying for promotion. More information is provide on DLT's Academic Promotion (Promoting Learning Domain) page.