Cultural competency (First Nations)

Expanding your knowledge and community engagement practices ensures that you have opportunities to engage with the multiple First Nations Peoples that occupy the many lands in which we work. This will help you to embed First Nations content into practice in a more authentic way.

Gulaay - Indigenous Australian Curriculum & Resources Team

Gulaay provides training, resources, learning materials and cultural immersion experiences to help you comply with the requirements of the Indigenous Australian Content in Courses and Subjects Policy. We also curate the Indigenous Education Strategy Collection of resources and support the Graduate Learning Outcome (GLO) for Indigenous Cultural Competence.

Indigenous Cultural Competency Program (ICCP)

Cultural competence is a continuous process and as a professional, you are often required to maintain, update, or extend your professional practice. First Nations cultural competence is no different. You can extend your knowledge of First Nations peoples’ cultures by starting your journey with the Indigenous Cultural Competency Program (ICCP).

We see this resource as more than a training program. It is hopefully a journey towards greater knowledge and understanding of First Nations peoples in Australia, their history, and contemporary issues and a basis for developing skills and enhancing practice.

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