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Academic Promotion using the CSU Academic Framework

CSU's promotion policy and procedures have been reviewed and revised since 2015. A primary motivation for this was to ensure greater recognition via promotion for achievements in Learning and Teaching. An underpinning framework called The CSU Academic was developed and from that, a guide to evidence for promotion. Academics applying for promotion (and probation) are asked to provide evidence of achievement in three domains of academic activity: Promoting learning, Influencing university/profession/community, and Creating knowledge. CSU teachers should in particular consult the evidence guide for Promoting Learning.

The scope of academic activity include:

  • Personal & professional development
  • Student engagement & learning
  • Application & integration of scholarship
  • Design & development
  • Discovery & extension of new knowledge
  • Leadership & collaboration

The sources of evidence change across levels of academic progression with an increasing focus on peer review of teaching-related activities.

Peer review evidence can be obtained from a range of teaching- and teaching-related activities that include evidence from, for example, teaching performance reports, subject and course design/reviews (internal and external accreditation), assessment practices, awards and grants processes, and scholarship of teaching and learning (publications), among others. Consult The CSU Academic: A guide to evidence in promotion for further examples of activities and evidence.

For advice and mentoring on the Promoting Learning domain of your promotion application, contact Sub-Dean Academic Development

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