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Information for Peer Reviewees

Peer Review of Teaching presents an opportunity for you to evidence your teaching or subject design practice in your promotion application. Peer Review is framed around nine core Dimensions of Teaching. A tenth optional dimension provides an opportunity for you to focus on your particular approach to teaching.

For 2020, you are able to nominate up to two of the following sources of Peer Review for promotion.

The Flowchart of Peer Review Process provides an overview of the complete process from application to outcome. The below covers some of the most Frequently Asked Questions around Peer Review. Please note that in 2020, owing to the ongoing social distancing requirements, we request that all interactions occur online, preferably via Zoom or a similar platform.

After your request for a Peer Review is submitted, you will be appointed one of CSU's trained and accredited Peer Reviewers to conduct the Review.

How do I request a summative Peer Review of teaching?
You can request a summative Peer Review of teaching type:
  • Face-to-face teaching session (up to two hours’ duration)
  • Synchronous online teaching session (up to two hours’ duration)
  • Asynchronous online subject activity (up to two hours’ duration)
  • Peer Review of Course Design Leadership and Subject Design Practice follow the same format listed below

Start the summative Peer Review process by requesting the allocation of a Reviewer by contacting The Reviewers will be drawn from the list approved by the Executive Deans of the three Faculties and the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching). For face-to-face Reviews, every effort will be made to identify a Reviewer on your campus.

If you nominate a face-to-face teaching session or a synchronous online teaching session:

  • Contact your allocated Peer Reviewer(s) and nominate three preferred times and dates to be observed.
  • Choose the dimensions of teaching (at least six) to focus on during your teaching session.
  • Organise your pre-Review meeting with the Peer Reviewer.

If you nominate asynchronous online subject activity:

  • Contact your allocated Peer Reviewer(s).
  • Choose the dimensions of teaching (at least six) to focus on during the review.
  • Organise your pre-Review meeting with the Peer Reviewer.
  • Provide your Peer Reviewer with access to your subject sites and documentation.

To request a Peer Review contact

Where does a peer review take place?

Face-to-face or synchronous online

A face-to-face or synchronous online Peer Review observation can be undertaken in any session on any CSU campus. All teaching formats can be reviewed, including lectures, workshops, seminars, studios, tutorials, lab classes and synchronous online sessions.

Asynchronous online subject activity

A Peer Review of asynchronous online subject activity can be undertaken. The time frame will be determined at the pre-observation meeting attended by the Peer Reviewee and the Peer Reviewer(s).

How long is a review report valid for?

Peer Review Reports are valid for two years from the date of the review. Note that you must submit your most recent Peer Review Report as the evidence.

How can I prepare for my review?

It is strongly suggested that you prepare thoroughly before your Peer Review. One recommended method is to ask a colleague or Faculty learning and teaching staff member to act as Peer Reviewer in trial observation(s). Ask them to provide feedback on your performance against the requirements in the Peer Review Report template.

See more information about what happens before, during and after the observation.

Who are the Peer Reviewers?

Peer Reviewers are academics with a track record of achievements in learning and teaching from Schools, Faculties, the Learning Academy or the Office of Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching). Academics are chosen to become a Peer Reviewer by their Sub Deans/Associate Deans (Learning and Teaching) and the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching) based on their teaching and education credentials, including their teaching experience, knowledge of learning and teaching, and teaching awards, publications or grants.

All Peer Reviewers have attended Peer Review @ CSU workshop training to meet the requirements of this role.

What if I need to withdraw from my Peer Review?

If you wish to withdraw from the Peer Review process prior to or after your observation, please email your Peer Reviewer to advise of your withdrawal.