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Teaching Dynamics


Teaching Dynamics (TD) is a developmental service provided by the Division of Student Learning (DSL) to assist academic staff with the identification of areas of strength as well as areas for improvement in their teaching. TD can apply in a classroom situation or to the online teaching environment. Both verbal and written feedback from this service are meant to inform subsequent teaching practice. A TD evaluation by an Educational Designer can be used to supplement reports from student surveys as well as to further the development of a Teaching Portfolio. This service is undertaken at the request of the individual academic staff member and all documentation is strictly confidential between the academic and the ED. The protocols created for this service ensure that any discussion relating to the service is confined to the two parties concerned and all observation reports are handed over to the academic staff member.

How to organise an observation session of your teaching

  1. Request an evaluation through the Service Request System using the Subject Consultation tab.
  2. An Educational Designer will then arrange a meeting to discuss the type of Teaching Dynamics evaluation required and the criteria to be used during the observation
  3. You then brief the Educational Designer on the objectives, context, features, etc of the teaching episode.
  4. In a face to face context, the observer views your teaching on the mutually agreed date. For TD Online, the ED is provided with access to the evidence of the identified learning activity (e.g. Wiki or Chat pages, blog or forum postings) and its support resources (e.g. PowerPoint slides, graphics, film clips, etc) to review in accordance with the pre-determined evaluation criteria.
  5. The ED provides oral and written feedback on aspects of your face to face or online teaching
  6. A follow-up session is arranged if required/desired.

Teaching Dynamics instruments

Print friendly version of the evaluation instruments: