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Peer Review Templates and Resources

Peer Review for Promotion Templates (summative)

These forms can be used by the Reviewee to plan the review process. They will be used by the Peer Reviewer for the relevant area of educational practice.

Peer Review for Promotion AreaTemplate
Teaching Practice
Course Design Practice
Subject Design PracticePeer Review Report: Subject Design Practice

Peer Review Observation Checklists (formative)

Formative Peer Review of educational practice is a collaborative process. It provides lecturers with the option of focusing on chosen elements of their teaching practice to receive feedback from trusted colleagues. Reflection on feedback provides for improvements in the quality of learning and teaching, subject design and delivery, and the student experience. Reciprocal Peer Review is also encouraged to develop confidence in the collegial environment surrounding the ongoing practice of Peer Review.

Faculty-based Peer Review: Faculty of Science

Faculty-based Peer Review: Faculty of Arts and Education

Teaching Dynamics web page: Teaching Dynamics is a developmental evaluation service provided by an Educational Designer

Peer Review AreaTemplate

Teaching Practice

This form mirrors the summative Peer Review for promotion form and can be used as often as desired in preparation for the promotion process.

Alternative Teaching Observation Checklists

These forms provide two options: a structured form that uses Likert scale evaluation and comments, or one that has comments only. Use whichever ones suits you.

Post-review Reflection

You can use the Reflection/Action Sheet to plan how to use the feedback you have received.