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Introduction to Learning and Teaching at CSU

Welcome to Charles Sturt University.  Please watch the below welcome video by Vice-Chancellor Professor Andrew Vann.

As a sessional academic staff member, you are essential to the success of the university and our students. Sessional teachers may be employed for a number of different purposes and in a variety of contexts at the University.

This site is designed to provide some of the basic information you will need during the session and support your ongoing professional development as a sessional teacher and staff member.

Teaching Tips from CSU Academics

We've also created a series of 14 videos to help you get to know our best teaching academics and learn a few things about what makes them so good.

Getting started at CSU: This section contains vital information for the start of every session, including the HR process for new and returning sessional staff, the start of session process for setting up your subject site, getting your staff card, maps, parking, and more!

My Role: This section provides information about your main roles such as teaching in lectures, tutorials, laboratories and clinical settings, and marking student assessment.

Know Your Students: The CSU student profile is very diverse. This section will help you understand how to work effectively with a diverse group of students.

Professional Development: Learn about training and development opportunities for sessional staff.

Support systems for staff and students: Discover the support systems that are available to assist you and your students with a better educational experience.

Learning and Teaching at CSU: Get a good understanding about your students and the principles for subject design and teaching that underpin the teaching standards.

Managing Assessment: Learn how to prepare yourself and your students for assessment, marking, and moderation tasks.

Evaluating your teachingCSU is committed to evidence based approaches to enhance learning and teaching. Learn how you can evaluate your teaching practices to ensure student success.

Academic quick links and policies