Refunds, remission and re-crediting

Fee paying students

To be eligible for a refund of course fees, students must withdraw in writing to the Student Administration Office before the census date each session or term. These dates are listed in the Student Administration Office Information booklet included with your offer of admission into a course.

View census dates online

If you withdrew from a subject due to special circumstances after the census date, you can apply for remission or reimbursement of your subject fees.

To apply:

  • Go to the Student Portal and submit the 'Remission or Reimbursement' form
  • You can check the status of your request on your Student Portal

If you paid for your subject fees though deleted your subject/s before the census date, see Refund information. The Student Amenities and Services Fee (SSAF) is not refundable.


3 key criteria:

  1. Your student type - Commonwealth Supported or Fee-Paying;
  2. Withdrawal from the subject or course took place after census date; and
  3. You are unable to continue study due to Special Circumstances (as specified in guidelines).

Commonwealth supported students

  • Students who deferred all or part of their student contribution through HECS-HELP.
  • Students who paid their student contribution upfront to Charles Sturt University.

Fee paying students

  • Students who are undergraduate or postgraduate tuition fee paying students.
  • Students who deferred all or part of your tuition fees through FEE-HELP.

Special Circumstances

Special Circumstances are those that are generally considered to be unusual or uncommon, and were not able to be foreseen prior to the Census Date.

You must also be able to demonstrate that the Special Circumstances that apply were:

  1. beyond your control;
  2. did not occur, or make their full impact on you until on or after the Census Date;
  3. made it impracticable for you to successfully complete the requirements for the subject.

You must be able to provide independent supporting documentation to demonstrate these Special Circumstances existed.  The Application form contains clear guidelines about what is considered to be suitable supporting documentation.

Assistance with your application

If you would like help with preparing your documentation contact a Student Advocate or Student Central.

It is a requirement of your student visa that you have current Overseas Health Cover (OSHC) for the entire time you are in Australia. Family members who are with you in Australia must also be covered.

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