Academic Integrity

Charles Sturt University offers students a free Academic Integrity Course as part of their enrolment.

About this course

This course will help you understand the University's Academic Integrity Policy, expectations and the support services available to help you meet your academic obligations. The short course will also help you understand concepts and potential consequences of practices including:

  • plagiarism
  • cheating and contract cheating
  • collusion.

You will learn the importance of observing and maintaining ethical standards in your academic and professional work.

Academic integrity is crucial to ensure you can demonstrate you understand the content included in your course, in turn ensuring you are able to work safely and professionally in your chosen field.

Contract cheating poses additional threats. In addition to being a form of academic misconduct, some contract cheating companies will use your personal information to blackmail you into making further payments after you use their services.

How to complete the course

You should work through the Academic Integrity course in Interact2, then complete the quizzes to demonstrate your understanding. There are five short quizzes to complete. You will need to score 80% on each quiz to demonstrate you have satisfactorily completed the course.

In most cases, you only need to complete this course once. However, if you receive a finding of academic misconduct, you may be required to repeat the course.

Complete the Academic Integrity course

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