Online take-home exam

An online take-home exam is where you are provided an exam file (like a PDF or Microsoft Word document) containing the questions and/or assessment items you need to answer to complete your exam.

How to complete take-home exams

You need to type and save your answers in another document and then upload this file the same way you submit an assignment.

Nearly all students will submit their take-home exams through EASTS (your online assessment submission tool through Interact2). Study Centre students will need to submit their take-home exams via Turnitin (only) as with other assignments.

Time limits for take-home exams

There are two types of time limits that could be used for a take-home exam:

  1. Submission window: you have between 1 and 5 days to submit your completed exam after access.
  2. Time-limited: similar to a normal exam, you will be given a strict start and end time and date to complete your exam. For example, your exam could be available from 9am on Tuesday 9 June 2020 and you will have 120 minutes to complete it. You will also receive a 10-minute reading time.

Your exam timetable will indicate the time limit set for your exam.

If you are enrolled in Session 1 (202030), you will submit your exam through your current Interact2 subject site.

Technology time allowance

Due to this being the first time Charles Sturt students have had online exams, there will be technology time allowances given to most time-limited exams. If you receive technology time allowances, this will be added to your exam timetable in the coming weeks.

The initial timetable release on Wednesday 29 April will not display these technology allowances.

Online learning support

The Online Study Team is here to support you throughout your online exams. You can access a range of online workshops to get familiar with online exams or get one-on-one support at online appointments.

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Technical support for online exams

There will be real-time technical support for online exams. The online exams technical support page will be updated prior to your exams with how you can access a dedicated helpline.

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Preparing for your online take-home exam

Step 1

Check when your exam will be

The time of your online take-home exam will be in your personal exam timetable.

Step 2

Check how much time you'll have

Check if it will be strict time-limited or if you’ll have a submission window (a period of time) to submit your exam online.

Step 3

Check and update your contact details

Check your mobile phone and contact details are up-to-date. This will allow our support team to contact you should there be any technical disruptions on the day of your exam.

Step 4

Check your preparation instructions

Check your Interact2 subject sites with the instructions your subject coordinator will give to help you prepare for your exam.

Step 5

Get ready on the day

Time-limited exam

Be ready at your computer and desk on the day to complete and submit your exam on time. You will also receive a 10-minute reading time.

Submission window exam

You'll have a set number of days to complete your exam. Make sure you complete and submit your exam by the last day of the submission window period.

To avoid any potential issues with losing your work, we recommend having auto-saved enabled if you're using Microsoft Word. Find out how to turn on auto-save for:

How online take-home exams work

  • How will I access my exam?

    You will access your exam through your Interact2 subject site.

    There will be an online exams tab added to the left-side navigation which will contain the instructions for how to sit your take-home exam.

  • How do I submit my exam?

    Nearly all students will submit their take-home exams through EASTS.

    Study Centre students will need to submit their take-home exams via Turnitin (only) as with other assignments.

  • How do I submit or check my exam through Turnitin?

    Your exam will include instructions for how to submit or check your exam through Turnitin.

    If you’re studying at Charles Sturt, you will likely need to check your exam through Turnitin before you upload your exam into EASTS.

    For some subjects for international students studying at a Study Centre in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney, you’ll need to submit your exam through Turnitin which will then check your results.

    Your Turnitin results will be used to ensure the work you have completed in your exams is your own. If you are found to have plagiarised or copied others’ work, you may face academic misconduct penalties.

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