Maintenance Request Form Building & Room

General building and room maintenance requests can be submitted online through our Accommodation Portal (

To follow-up on an existing request, re-enter our Accommodation Portal to view the job status.

For urgent maintenance please contact your Residential Adviser or Student Central.

Submit an Event Request

Use this form if you are planning programs or activities involving Residence Life Staff and students

Temporary Accommodation

If you’re a Charles Sturt student you can make a temporary accommodation booking via the Starrez Portal

Visitors associated with the University can apply to stay on campus on a temporary or casual basis. If you’re not a Charles student student, you'll need to complete and submit an application for temporary accommodation.

Room Change Request

Because many students request a room change, there may be a significant wait before a room is available in the area you desire.

Request for Rent Reduction

If you want to make request for Rent Reduction due to attendance on Practical Work first identify your eligibility. You must provide the name and phone number of the Practicum Organiser

Room Cancellations

A room cancellation needs to be considered carefully. When cancelling your room or offer of a place, a cancellation fee may apply. The Residential Agreement [PDF] outline the charges and deadlines for cancelling your room. If you have questions please contact Student Central.

Incident Reporting

Incidents are to be reported by Residential Support Staff. Please notify your Residential Adviser of an incident in the first instance.

Submit a Residential Appeal

A Residential Appeal is a process by which on-campus students living in our Halls of Residence may appeal accommodation charges that they believe have been incorrectly applied to their account.

How to change your details

Update Next of Kin Details

Should your next of kin details change you are required to update this information in the Online Administration Office.

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