Residential appeals

If you believe accommodation charges have been incorrectly applied to your account, you can make a residential appeal.

Accommodation charges include:

  • room charges
  • flexi food charges
  • levies
  • fees (cancellation fee, final notice fee etc.)
  • disciplinary charges.

Accommodation charges don't include session charges such as SSAF fees.

Submit an appeal

You'll need to complete a residential appeals form. Make sure you attach any supporting documentation, such as:

  • an approved leave of absence
  • a medical certificate.
  1. Read the Residential Agreement [PDF] to confirm what your financial responsibilities are as a resident.
  2. Complete all required fields of the residential appeals form. Please be as informative and clear as possible in your reasons for appeal.
  3. You'll then receive a confirmation email advising you that your appeal has been received and forwarded to the Residential Appeals Committee for consideration.
  4. If you have any supporting documentation you'd like to attach to your case, please reply to this email with the attached documentation.
  5. The Residential Appeals Committee meets once a month. Once a decision has been made you'll be notified by email.

If you're not sure whether you should submit an appeal, please contact Student Central for assistance. We might be able to direct your query to another department, or resolve it immediately within our team or with Residence Life staff.