Moving out

When it's time to move out - or you need to cancel your room - there are a few things to do before you pack up and leave.

If you're moving out at the end of your agreement, make the process easy by following these tips.

  • Be ready to hand in your keys or access card by 10 am on your check-out date.
  • Make sure you have left your room clean and tidy. Otherwise, you will be charged for cleaning.
  • If there has been any damage to your room, talk to us ahead of time.
  • Do a final sweep of your room and the common areas to make sure you haven't left anything behind.

When you check out of your on-campus accommodation, you're required to complete an inventory form via the accommodation portal.

Some campuses will also provide you with a check-out envelope.

Once your room is inspected, if any damage is reported or found, you'll receive a fine. Fines cover things like:

  • lost keys
  • incorrect checkout process followed
  • damage
  • cleaning.

The fines won't be itemised on your student account.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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