Complaints and appeals processes (International students)

Educational Services for Overseas Students (ESOS)

Your rights and responsibilities as an international student are governed by the Educational Services for Overseas Students Act (ESOS). You can access information on your rights and responsibilities by reading the Department of Education website:

Complaints and Appeals

If you have a complaint or wish appeal a decision which affects you, there is help and advice available.

For academic issues, including academic appeals advice as appealing a grade or asking for special consideration, your International Student Liaison Officer (ISLO) can give you advice and help you prepare your appeal.

Your ISLO can also help you with informal complaints and talking your lecturer about difficult issues.

Formal complaints against the university, a course or lecturer are handled by the University Ombudsman. More information on the Complaints Management policy, the formal complaint form and contact details for the Ombudsman are located on the University Ombudsman's website.

If you are excluded from the University, you can lodge a complaint with the NSW Ombudsman if there is evidence of wrong conduct. Read more about Complaints and Appeals.

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