Subject Experience Survey

Welcome to the student results portal for the Charles Sturt University Subject Experience Survey.

The Subject Experience Survey (SES) captures student feedback on subjects they have undertaken. The survey results give you a way of exploring what students in particular subject felt about their learning experience.

Results from Session 1 2014 (2014-30) onwards are available.

Please note the results dashboard is now viewable to students on-campus, or staff via VPN or VDI connection only. This change has been made as part of ongoing security improvements, in order to comply with data security and risk management obligations under the appropriate policies.

About the Survey

  • Purpose

    The SES results allow you to see how students rated their experience in a subject. This is based on questions specifically designed to address how well that subject supports quality learning for students.

    SES can be used as another way to help you with your course planning by giving you some insight on what to expect in a particular subject.

  • Data available

    The results show how a selected subject was rated on the core questions of the SES. Core items vary according to whether a subject is a 'general' subject (which incorporates the vast majority of our subjects) or a Workplace Learning subject.

    Five point rating scales are used in the survey. A summary of the SES questions and rating scales can be found here:

    For each question, you will see the proportion of students who gave a particular rating.

  • Understanding the results

    Response rates

    If the response rate for a particular subject is below 20%, then the survey data cannot be considered reliable and care should be taken in drawing any conclusions from such data.

    Evaluating a subject

    Evaluating how well a subject supported learning for students is complex and cannot be easily reduced to a single rating or score. Students may feel that some aspects of a subject really helped them, while other aspects may have “missed the mark”.  For this reason, we provide SES results on a question-by-question basis, rather than giving some average score.  This allows you to explore the feedback in more detail to get a better sense of what to expect in a particular subject.

    A subject that rates highly on all questions would be one where students felt that the subject design and delivery strongly supported their learning.  However, this does not mean that the subject is easy or that students will be “spoon-fed”!  Challenging subjects often perform well in the SES.

    It should also be noted that our teaching staff are continuously using SES results to refine and enhance their subjects.  In your Subject Outlines you will find a section that details how SES feedback has been used to improve each subject, where applicable.

  • How the questions are developed

    The SES questions were developed, after an extensive review, to focus on key elements that support quality learning for students, including:

    • whether the activities in the subject helped students to develop their knowledge
    • whether the goals and purpose of assessments were clear
    • whether appropriate feedback was received by students
    • whether our online learning tools/technologies helped students to learn
    • and more...

    It is hoped these questions prompt students to think critically about their experience, rather than respond based on whether they simply liked or disliked some feature of a subject.

  • Completing the survey

    When the survey is released, you will need to either:

    • follow the link in the email(s) advising you that your surveys are open
    • follow the evaluation link in your subject Interact page(s).

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