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Assessment Items

The Assessment Items grouping explains what is essential to pass the subject and details each assessment and exam for the offering.

There are two (2) types of assessment items that can be added to an Outline. They provision different sections to accommodate the nature of the item:

  1. Assessment Item
  2. Exam Item

Items can also be cloned from another Outline using the ‘Reuse Assessment Item’ option.

An Outline must contain at least one (1) assessment or exam item for it to be deemed compliant.

The ‘Items’ tabled summary of assessment is automatically generated when assessment and exam items are added to the Outline. When added, the Item Number is generated using the next whole number.

Refer to the Assessment Item and Exam Item tabs for detail on each item type or see a side-by-side comparison of their similarities and differences.

Charles Sturt Subject Handbook

From mid-July 2019, the Item Number, Title and Value of assessment tasks will be publicly available via the Charles Sturt Handbook. The intention is to provide prospective students with an indication of the assessment involved in a subject, as do most Australian University websites. The information will be drawn from an Outline once it is published if it is for the subject offering with the highest number of enrolments for the session. It is acknowledged that assessment tasks vary from session to session and therefore it is made very clear to prospective students that the Handbook section is a guide only. The Handbook is updated each session that the subject is offered.

Detailed information on SOT functionality for authoring Assessment Items can be found here:
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