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Subject Coordinator

ACSES data

The Academic Course and Subject Entry System (ACSES) is referenced to determine an offering's Subject Coordinator.

Title & Full name

SC Profile

Drawn from the ‘Title’ selected in the SC Profile function available from the Subject Outline Tool Dashboard area. If a title is not selected, the SC’s name will display without a prefixed title. Applies to Outlines from 201890. Go to the SC Profile. Learn more about the SC Profile.

First Name

If the Subject Coordinator's SC Profile 'First Name' is populated, it will be used in Outlines. If a First Name is not provided, the Subject Coordinator's 'Preferred Name' is drawn from the Division of Human Resources system, Alesco. SC Profile 'First Name' applies to Outlines from 201890.

Last Name

The Subject Coordinator's last name is always drawn from the Division of People and Culture system, Alesco.

If ACSES does not provide a Subject Coordinator, 'To be advised' will display. The Outline will pass the Compliance Check with a 'To be advised' Subject Coordinator and it is able to be published to students. All contact detail fields will not display in the student view. When the Subject Coordinator is populated in ACSES, their name and contact details can be refreshed into the Outline using the 'Run Data Refresh' function available from the Tools & Settings menu. A Data Refresh will also occur automatically when submitting the Outline to another step in the workflow.

Run a Data Refresh on an Outline to draw in data that has been amended at its source, e.g. SC Profile, CASIMS, Alesco, Communications Directory, etc.