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Assessment Summary Table

The ‘Items’ (aka Assessment Summary) is automatically generated by the Assessment Items for the Outline.

Item numbers

Whole numbers are auto-applied when Items are cloned; or as items are added.


Drag and drop the item row on the Items table to re-order and update Item Numbers.


The hyperlinked Title of each Assessment Item can be used to navigate to the Item during Outline development. Alternatively, click the Item tabs that display horizontally below the Items table to show the Item.


Footnotes relating to the Due date and Return date table columns are as follows:

  • Due date*
    Due date is the last date for assessment items to be received at the University
  • Return date**
    Applies only to assessment items submitted by the due date

Charles Sturt Subject Handbook

From mid-July 2019, the Item Number, Title and Value of assessment tasks will be publicly available via the Charles Sturt Handbook. The intention is to provide prospective students with an indication of the assessment involved in a subject, as do most Australian University websites. The information will be drawn from an Outline once it is published if it is for the subject offering with the highest number of enrolments for the session. It is acknowledged that assessment tasks vary from session to session and therefore it is made very clear to prospective students that the Handbook section is a guide only. The Handbook is updated each session that the subject is offered.

For ease of date reconciliation, the Assessment Item summary table is provided adjacent the Schedule QA Declaration.