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Learning Analytics

PART A Fixed Autotext

Learning Analytics refers to the collection and analysis of student data for the purpose of improving learning and teaching. It enables the University to personalise the support we provide our students. All Learning Analytics activities will take place in accordance with the Charles Sturt University Learning Analytics Code of Practice. For more information, please visit the University’s Learning Analytics website.

PART B Optional

If left null, it will pass the Compliance Check.

If the Outline is cloned, the section will be populated with content from the Outline that was cloned from. Click Autotext Refresh on the section menu to view and refresh the section with the current effective Editable Autotext. The Clone Autotext Refresh Prompt incorporates Autotext Refresh into the clone process - therefore some Authors may have already refreshed Autotext sections upon Outline creation.

If the Outline is created from new, it will contain Editable Autotext that can be edited, overwritten or deleted:

Data about your activity in the Interact2 site and other learning technologies for this subject will be recorded and can be reviewed by teaching staff to inform their communication, support and teaching practices.