Human Aspects of Defence and Security

The challenge

As global security threats continue to evolve, the role of humans in defence and security sectors becomes increasingly complex. These threats now extend beyond conventional warfare, encompassing issues like cybersecurity and biosecurity. However, despite the rapid advances in technology, ensuring secure cyber infrastructures and preventing biological threats remains a significant challenge. Both areas require sophisticated systems that can seamlessly integrate human intervention and decision-making while maintaining robust security measures.

Our response

Drawing from our comprehensive expertise in behavioural science and data science, we delve into the human aspects of defence and security. We aim to understand the intricacies of human behaviour in the context of these areas, and design systems that enhance human involvement while providing a high level of security. To achieve this, we frameworks that fuse advanced machine learning models with human-centered design principles (e.g., using behavioural data science methods). This approach allows us to build cybersecurity systems that can learn from human decision-making patterns and improve over time. Similarly, in biosecurity, we aim to develop strategies that ensure safety and efficiency in biological research and operations, with a strong emphasis on the role of humans in risk management and crisis response.

The goal

Our ambition is to showcase the ways in which technology can supplement human abilities in these critical areas, using intelligent systems. By deepening our insights into human involvement in cybersecurity and biosecurity, we envisage advancing the creation of superior human-machine collaboration models across varied sectors, from national defence departments to health institutions. This investigation will contribute to the construction of more robust network infrastructures, sophisticated threat identification systems, more efficient cybersecurity management protocols, and improved strategies for disaster response. In addition, the knowledge gained will guide the structuring of educational and training initiatives for those involved in these areas, preparing them with the necessary skills to navigate complex defence and security environments and make better decisions.

Connect and collaborate

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