Sustainable behaviours

This research program embarks on a comprehensive journey to explore the applications of AI and data science in understanding human behaviour, wellbeing, health policy, and sustainability. While the focus largely leans towards the regional futures agenda, the program's scope is not restricted to it.

One of our main directions is behavioural data science, offering profound insights into human behaviour patterns using synergies between decision-theoretic modelling and emerging technologies. This understanding is then leveraged to devise effective strategies for behavioural change, leading to improved health outcomes and overall wellbeing.

Another direction is a growing field of digital health, investigating how technology can enhance healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. It also emphasises wellbeing projects, looking at how data-driven insights can contribute to the promotion of healthier lifestyles and sustainable living.

This program aspires to contribute significantly to the growing field of AI and data-driven health and wellbeing, aiming to create a sustainable and healthier future for all.

Our researchers

Data-Driven Chat: Behavioural Science of Inclusive AI

Prof. Ganna Pogrebna talks to Dr Juliette Tobias-Webb about behavioural science, AI, emerging technologies, and inclusion. Juliette is a Behavioural Scientist and one of 60 Australian women nominated as a 'Superstar in STEM'. Juliette uses behavioural science insights and methods to design a better world for people, organisations and communities.

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