Physics-Informed Emerging Technologies for Good

The challenge

Emerging technologies have a profound potential to address several challenges facing our world, such as climate change, energy consumption, healthcare, and societal welfare. However, the design and implementation of these technologies require a deep understanding of the principles of physics. Simultaneously, the technologies should be robust, efficient, and adaptable to diverse scenarios and demands. Despite significant strides in technology development, creating systems that leverage physics principles to drive sustainable and beneficial outcomes remains a challenge.

Our response

Capitalising on our broad expertise in physics, engineering, machine learning, and social sciences, we propose to explore and create physics-informed technologies designed for the greater good. This involves harnessing the principles of quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, electrodynamics, and more to foster the development of technologies such as renewable energy systems, advanced healthcare devices, or sustainable transportation solutions. We strive to develop a cross-disciplinary framework that combines advanced machine learning algorithms with physics-based models. The incorporation of physics principles into machine learning will facilitate more accurate predictions, deeper insights, and robust control systems, leading to the development of more efficient and sustainable technologies.

The goal

Our mission is to instigate a comprehensive transformation in the realm of emerging technologies by highlighting the critical importance of physics in the conceptualization and execution of technology. We foresee our efforts leading to innovative applications across diverse sectors like renewable energy, healthcare, transportation, and communication. For example, the knowledge we gather could influence the development of more effective solar panels, improved diagnostic instruments in healthcare, energy-efficient autonomous vehicles, and secure systems for quantum communication. Furthermore, these advancements in technology can provide new tools for artists, architects, and designers to develop creative and environmentally friendly works, thereby enhancing societal and environmental well-being.

Connect and collaborate

We are looking for researchers, students, funding and partners to help take our research to the next level.