Supply Chain and Operations with Blockchain, Edge Computing, and IoT

The challenge

Supply chains and operations have become more complex due to globalization, increased customer expectations, and a growing need for sustainable practices. This complexity often results in inefficiencies, lack of transparency, and vulnerabilities to disruptions. Additionally, traditional supply chain systems often suffer from latency issues due to centralized data processing and storage, adding to the challenge of real-time decision-making and operations management.

Our response

We propose to address these challenges by integrating Blockchain, Edge Computing, and Internet of Things (IoT) into supply chain operations. Blockchain offers decentralized and transparent record-keeping, enhancing security, trust, and traceability in transactions. Edge computing mitigates latency by processing data closer to its source, enabling real-time decision-making and operations management. IoT devices provide the necessary data collection points throughout the supply chain, aiding in tracking, monitoring, and analysis. By synergistically using these technologies, we aim to build a robust, efficient, and transparent supply chain system.

The goal

The integration of blockchain, edge computing, and IoT technologies revolutionizes supply chain operations by ensuring real-time data processing, enhancing transparency, and increasing resilience against disruptions. It also allows for more efficient and sustainable practices, like optimizing resource use and reducing waste. The results of this research provide new methods for businesses to streamline their operations, manage risks better, and meet customer demands promptly. Our findings also offers tools and strategies that can enhance decision-making and overall supply chain performance, paving the way for future innovations in the field.

Connect and collaborate

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