Next Gen Graduate Program

CSIRO have estimated that Australian industry will need up to 161,000 new AI and emerging technology savvy workers by 2030.

By providing in-depth training and facilitating collaboration among students, researchers, and industry professionals, the Next Generation Graduates Program helps build a competitive and capable workforce that will drive the growth of the Australian tech sector. The program provides Honours and postgraduate students from any project background, the unique opportunity to collaborate with universities, industry specialists and CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, to solve the world’s greatest problems.

AgriTwins Project: Bridging Cyber-secure Emerging Technologies and Data-centric Twin Tech for Resilient Agriculture of the Future

The AgriTwins program heralds a transformative approach to modern agriculture, intertwining advanced cybersecurity with emergent data-centric twin technologies.

This program seeks to address the escalating challenges faced by the agricultural sector, ranging from sustainability concerns to the pressing need for efficiency optimisation, integrating the latest digital twin and quantum twin methodologies to model and enhance agricultural innovation, ensuring digital resilience and cybersecurity.

This amalgamation allows for real-time operational data insights, precision farming, advanced greenhouse emission management, and proactive agronomy. Our aspiration is not merely to adapt to the digital era but to actively shape the future of agriculture, ensuring it remains resilient against both present and unforeseen challenges.

Next Generation Team

AgriTwins is funding eight PhD students, one Masters student and two Honours students.

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