Learn co-design

Co-design is a keystone for the fundamental changes that Southern NSW Innovation Hub is enabling across our communities. This is an approach to designing 'with' and not 'for' or 'to' people.

On the front line is the Hub’s Knowledge Broker network, actively learning co-design principles and processes, then working in community to identify and support projects and activities that will create more resilient agricultural systems, landscapes and communities.

As a part of the co-design process, a series of articles is being compiled to share information, resources, answer questions and offer tips and tools to support co-design work across the Southern NSW Innovation Hub and beyond.

These regular articles are designed to challenge, teach, and motivate Knowledge Brokers to explore and use co-design in their work (and it will have relevance beyond the work environment too.) All updates are written by the team of Jo Eady, a human centred facilitator, strategic designer with a keen interest in social change based in Victoria and Dale Stringer, innovation specialist and chief knowledge broker with Southern NSW Innovation Hub.

Because the concepts of co-design have relevance beyond the Hub and the Knowledge Broker network, we’re making the articles available to all.