Forewarned is Forearmed Climate Coaching

This project is the final stage of a five year ‘Forewarned is Forearmed’ project which developed five new Bureau of Meteorology forecast products for extreme events.

There have been six industry partners involved in the project representing the livestock, wine, cotton, grains, sugar and dairy industries.

Agriculture Victoria has developed an eLearning package that will be used to extend the products. This can be utilised to assist in developing the training program. Industry decision support tools have been developed for all six industries.

The key project outcome is the development of  a coaching/training program on how to use seasonal climate forecasts, including the five climate products in on-farm decision making. Fifty producers and up to 50 cross-sectoral advisors in southern Australia will be part of a pilot program.

The focus will be on ensuring the extension packages developed are high quality, practical, useful and flexible in how they can be delivered. This will  enable extension agents to adapt the FWFA extension products and include them in existing extension programs and packages as a value-add.

Lead partner: Meat and Livestock Australia