VR experience transports landholders to stock confinement feeding areas

A new Virtual Reality experience aiming to help landholders plan for future droughts has been developed through a partnership between the Southern NSW Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hub and Local Land Services.

The virtual reality experience transports viewers to established stock confinement feeding areas across the region, helping farmers see firsthand how planning for drought now could boost their productivity in bad seasons.

State Agriculture Project Coordinator Tom White said the virtual reality experience was the most realistic and immersive way for farmers to see how stock confinement feeding areas could work for them and operates like a real estate virtual property tour.

"An in-person farm visit to see one of these stock containment areas in person can be prohibitive in terms of time and distance but this virtual reality experience will allow people to view already established areas without physically being there. Landholders can then use this knowledge to plan how they might arrange a similar site on their property," Mr White said.

"Virtual reality technology could be a huge game changer for our industry and we’re incredibly excited to be a part of its development."

VR stock confinement feeding project

Project Partners

Local Land Services and the Hub have received funding for stock confinement demonstration through the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund - Drought Resilient Soils and Landscapes Program.