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Download the 2021_11_17-SNSW-Hub-board-meeting.pdf PDF 294.2 KB

Connected and Adaptable People and Places

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Download the 2022_02_02-SNSW-Hub-hosts-Ministers.pdf PDF 401.6 KB

Funding for expansion of game-changing hubs

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Download the 2022_03_07-SNSW-Hub-Advance-Southern-NSW-Forum-FINAL.pdf PDF 589.8 KB

Forum Puts People First to Create Change

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Download the 2022_05_11-SNSW-Hub-collaboration-is-key-FINAL.pdf PDF 298.4 KB

Collaboration key to building drought resilient soils and landscapes for Southern NSW

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Download the 2023_04_12-SNSW-media-release-Ag-Innovation.pdf PDF 417.6 KB


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Download the 2023_05_Ag-Innovation-Orange-T-and-T-FINAL.pdf PDF 557.7 KB


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Download the 2023_07_13-SNSW-Innovation-Hub-baselining-droughtFINAL.pdf PDF 190.8 KB

Shining a light on experiences of drought so we can build resilience for the futureughtFINAL

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Download the 2023_12_15-New-tools-help-growers-decipher-weather-predictions.pdf PDF 155.2 KB


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Download the 2024_05_10-SNSW-Hub-Co-design-Call.pdf PDF 158.3 KB


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Download the SNSW-Hub-invests-in-community-resilience-FINAL.pdf PDF 268.0 KB


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