Building Access


Students have access to:

  • all 24-hour computer labs on campus
  • other buildings and rooms based on their enrolment
  • accommodation, if they're living on campus.

For access to other academic facilities, please contact your school or faculty administrative staff.

For access to residential facilities, please contact the Residence Life team

If you experience problems accessing buildings with your ID card, please contact Student Central for assistance. For after-hours access, please contact Security on 1800 931 633.


Staff have access to:

  • common areas
  • position-specific access as coordinated by their organisation unit.

For additional access, please contact your supervisor or organisational unit nominee.

For any further assistance, please contact Facilities Management.

Keeping your card active

You need to scan your card at a Charles Sturt Card hotspot every 30 days to keep your building access active. If you haven't been to a hotspot in the last 30 days, your entry will be restricted. Hotspots are generally located at the entrance to the library, and Residence Life offices, security offices, and most residential buildings.

If you have you have any problems regarding the access control system please contact Facilities Management.