Building Access - Cardax

All student computer centres, learning commons and most University buildings have an electronic access control system fitted. All new buildings and building refurbishments will have electronic access control fitted to all external doors as minimum.

Student Charles Sturt Cards have automatic access granted to student computer facilities and other common areas and do not need to have this access granted.

Most other buildings have, or will have, a nominated operator who is able to add access rights to individuals.

If you require access to a facility or building, you will need the authority of the building or facility manager:

  • For University Staff, this will generally be your section manager or their nominee.
  • For Students, this will generally be the administrative staff in your school for academic facilities, or the Residence Life Team for residential facilities.

The Division of Facilities Management has responsibility for the administration of the system and assists building managers with operational aspects of access control but cannot issue access rights to staff without the authority of the building or section manager.

Student Difficulties

If, as a student, you have difficulties accessing buildings with your Charles Sturt Card, please contact your Student Central Office for assistance.

If you are having difficulties after hours, and need to access your room, please contact Security on your campus.

Staff Difficulties

If, as a University Staff member, you have any problems regarding the access control system please contact your Campus Facilities Manager.