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General Info about My CSU Card

My CSU Card for Financial Transactions

My CSU Card as an Identity Card

My CSU Card as a building access card

General Info about My CSU Card

What is CSU Card?

CSU Card is a plastic identity card which includes a photograph, Mifare electronic chip and magnetic strip. The card enables authorised users to access a number of services within CSU.

What information is stored on my CSU Card?

The following information is stored on your CSU Card: Student number, Unilinc barcode number, Unicard number, Cardax (building access) number and your name. The Unicard system also stores the serial number of your Mifare card.

How private is the information that is stored on my CSU Card?

All the data stored within your card is encrypted and cannot be unlocked without using special electronic keys.

What do I do if my CSU Card is lost or stolen?

You should immediately log into the CSU Card Holder Portal (link at left) and lock your CSU Card. This will place a hold on your card in terms of Unicard systems and Building Access.  If you decide that the card cannot be found then you need to follow the instructions below for replacement cards.

If I lose my card during the weekend or holidays and I need to use the library. What do I do?

The Library will allow loans on presentation of another form of photo ID - driver's license, or proof of enrolment.

What will it cost to get a replacement card?

The cost of a replacement card is $25. There will be no charge if a police report is submitted which confirms the theft of your purse or wallet or if you change your name and support this with official documentation.

Can I use my CSU Card at other university campuses?

Your CSU Card can be used on any CSU campus. Not all services are available on every campus. All student cards have been configured to permit access to all CSU 24 hour computer labs located at Albury-Wodonga, Bathurst, Orange and Wagga Wagga campuses.

Other Tertiary Institutions may allow privileges (such as library access) based on presentation of your CSU Card.

I don't like my photograph on my CSU Card, can I get a replacement?

Yes, however it will cost $25 for a replacement card.

Is there an expiry date on my CSU Card?

CSU Cards do not have an expiry date printed on the card.

Instead, University electronic systems will maintain your access to services based on your enrolment, if you are a student, or your ongoing association with CSU for other card types.

If an outside organisation requires you to demonstrate that you are a current student then you should print off a statement of enrolment using the CSU Online Student Banner system.

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My CSU Card for Financial Transactions

Should I set a PIN?


Your CSU Card will allow you to set a PIN using the CSU Card Holder Portal. You should set a PIN to ensure your CSU Card Account is secure in the event that you lose your CSU Card. You should not disclose your PIN to anyone.

What do I do if I cannot remember my PIN?

If you have forgotten your PIN, you need to contact Student Central , located in the Learning Commons on your campus, and your PIN can be reset. You will then need to set a new PIN.

You can call Student Central on 1800 ASK CSU or email

My balance is not what I expected.

If your balance seems different to what you expect, log into the CSU Card Holder Portal, and you will be able to look at recent transactions on your card. Keep in mind that some transactions such as BPay add value transactions take some time to process through banking systems to reach your account. For more details on this see our Web Payments page.

If you can still believe there is a discrepancy in your account, please speak to Student Central and they can address this issue.

What do I do if I don't have my CSU Card on me but need to do copying from the library?

The Library has no provision to do photocopying for patrons without their CSU Card.  Exceptions may possibly be made in emergencies for small copying or printing jobs - 1 or 2 pages.

Can I use my card anywhere other than the Library?

Current services that can be accessed immediately include access to the 24 hour Computer Labs, use in the Halls of Residence dining rooms (Residential students only) and the photocopiers within the Libraries.

My CSU Card looks okay but doesn't work in the terminals.

Return your card to Student Central for checking. If the card is faulty it will need to be replaced.

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My CSU Card as an Identity card

How do I get my new CSU Card?

New students will receive their CSU Card soon after accepting their offer of admission to a CSU course.

What should I do if I don't receive my new CSU Card?

Contact Student Central on your campus for assistance.

What should I do with my old identification card?

Old cards should be destroyed once your new card has been received and you have confirmed it works with systems that you currently have access to.

If your current card allows you building access in addition to the 24 hour Computer Labs then you should retain your old card until you are certain that the new card provides the same access.

Can I use my CSU Card for identification when I go to nightclubs or pubs?

Your CSU Card is not a proof of age card and cannot be used for this purpose.

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My CSU Card as a building access card

My CSU Card looks okay but it no longer works in building access readers

Firstly, you should ensure that your card has been to a CSU Card Hotspot. CSU Cards must be scanned at a hotspot every 30 days to ensure all of your building access remains current.

If your card still does not allow access to buildings, contact Facilities Management on your campus to ensure you have the access levels you expect.

Finally, return with your card to Student Central for checking. If the card is damaged, it will need to be replaced.

How do I get access to a building or room?

Building and room access is controlled by the occupants or managers of the buildings.

If you need access to a facility controlled by your school (eg a science lab), speak to the administration staff in your school. If you need access to a residential area (eg laundry), contact Residence Life on your campus.

Staff needing access should speak to administration staff in your division.

Partners should request access from your administrative staff.

Contractors will need to organise access with the Facilities Management staff who organise your work orders.

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