Conditions of use

By accepting and using your Charles Sturt Card, you agree to the following conditions of use.

Card Security

Your Charles Sturt Card is not transferable, and if it is found in the possession of any person other than the authorised holder, it will be confiscated and may be cancelled.

Your Charles Sturt Card and associated PIN should be kept secure, and you are liable for any losses resulting from unauthorised building entry or transactions, attributable to the fact you delayed to report that your card has been lost, stolen or misused.

In the event that your card is lost or stolen, you should log onto the Student Portal and LOCK YOUR CARD.

Cards reported lost or stolen are unable to be used again if recovered after a new card has been issued.

Charles Sturt Card PIN

It is the card holder's responsibility to ensure that a PIN has been set on their Charles Sturt Card. This PIN controls access to the account for financial transactions, and access to the online Card Holder Portal. It is a requirement that each card has a PIN set, for security of funds in the associated account.

To set your PIN, please log into the Charles Sturt Student Portal.

Charles Sturt Card Ownership

Your Charles Sturt Card remains the property of Charles Sturt University. You must return your card to the University immediately if asked to do so.

The University will not use personal information about you, except as required for University purposes, unless you give your consent.

The University will not provide or sell information recorded in the Charles Sturt Card system about your card to other people or organisations except:

  • as required by law
  • to answer an inquiry from you concerning the operation of or the transactions recorded for your card
  • to cancel or recall your card or cancel any chip function including the electronic accounts
  • to supply information to you in the event of damage to, loss or theft of your card
  • to investigate and resolve a complaint, inquiry or dispute in relation to your card

Cancellation of Card Services

The University may cancel any of its services available to you in connection with your card in accordance with University policies and procedures.

University's Liability

To the extent permitted by law, the University's liability is limited to replacing cards with a faulty computer chip.

Each card holder is responsible for managing the funds on their Charles Sturt Card's electronic account, maintaining a credit balance in that account, and for reducing the balance to a zero before final departure from the University.

Should your account be overdrawn at any time, creating a debit balance, this will be treated as a debt to the university, and could result in your card being locked, or holds placed on your Charles Sturt Account (which could result in your inability to receive academic results).

The University does not accept liability for lost, stolen, user damaged or destroyed cards, nor for the loss of monetary value through unauthorised use of your Charles Sturt Card.

The University is not liable from any loss you may suffer arising from any malfunction of the card system, or if a card reader or terminal equipment is unavailable for use or unable to be used.

To the extent permitted by law, the University is not liable for the availability, quality or fitness for purpose of any of the services not provided by the University or any goods or services purchased with your card not provided by the University.

The University is not liable to you if a system participant fails to accept your card.

Possession of a Charles Sturt Card does not empower any staff member or card holder to act as an agent for the University.

Condition Variations

Circumstances may arise which require the University to vary these conditions and it may do so at any time.

Changes to the terms and conditions and/or services provided in association with Charles Sturt Card, will be published on this web site.