Print / Copy / Scan

Charles Sturt University utilises a Print Copy Scan system that integrates with your Charles Sturt Card and allows printing, copying and scanning through multi-function devices (MFDs) throughout the University.

You can send a document to public printers by clicking print from the public access PCs located in Charles Sturt libraries, computer labs and 24 hour zones.

You can also access where all details of your printing can be managed, and you can submit documents directly from your personal devices to the university's printing system.

Once your document is submitted into the printing system, you can collect or release your document by swiping your Charles Sturt Card and entering your PIN at any of the public access MFDs (photocopiers). Note that if you do not release your print job within 24 hours it will be deleted from the printing queue and you will need to re-submit if you then wish to print it.

As this system integrates printing services with your card, you will use your card account to pay for printing, along with photocopying and other small value transactions throughout the University.

Instructions for how to print, copy and scan have been developed and are located near the printer of your choice.

MFD (Photocopier) Locations

  • Albury-Wodonga
    24 hour zone within campus library
  • Bathurst
    24 hour zone within campus library
    Engineering building
    School of Information and Communications Studies
  • Wagga Wagga
    24 hour zone within campus library
    School of Information and Communications Studies
    School of Veterinary Sciences
  • Canberra, Dubbo, Goulburn, Orange, Wangaratta
    Campus library
  • Port Macquarie
    Campus library


Printing and Copying Costs

Black & White A4 Single sided $0.13
Black & White A4 Duplex $0.24
Black & White A3 Single Sided $0.26
Black & White A3 Duplex $0.51
Colour A4 Single sided $0.55
Colour A4 Duplex $1.08
Colour A3 Single sided $1.10
Colour A3 Duplex $2.18

These printing and copying cost are effective from 1 Jan 2023.

There is currently no charge for scanning. All printing scanning and copying charges are subject to change and will be reviewed from time to time.

Supported Devices

  • Laptops (Windows, Apple, Linux, etc) 
  • Mobile devices such as tablets (Surface Pros, etc) and mobile phones
  • Home Computers

Can upload documents to

  • All Learning Commons desktop PCs and Macs can print directly to the printers.

If in doubt please try


Is there a limit on the size of a print job?

Yes. Print jobs sent through Papercut are limited to 100 pages. This is to ensure that students are not charged excessively for printing the may be sent in error. If you wish to print jobs greater than this size, you will need to send the job in sections.

What is a Multifunction Device (MFD)?

A Multifunction Device is an all-in-one printer, scanner and photocopier. These digital devices provide much greater, more reliable functionality than previous generation photocopiers.

How do I turn the printer on? The screen is blank!

If the screen is not on, press the green/blue glowing button to wake the machine from power save mode.

  • Logging Off when you're finished
  • Once you have completed your print/scan/copy session, make sure to "log off" the machine. Otherwise, someone else could use your printing credit.

Once finished using the MFD features:

  • Press "Home", then
  • Press "Logout"

How do I print an Image?

Image files (e.g. JPEG) are not directly supported, as the file format doesn't specify what size it should be printed. Create a PDF or Word document containing the images in your desired layout.

How do I print a single page using web print?

The easiest way to do this is to print the page to a PDF and then upload that PDF to the

Useful Documents