Current Residents

There’s always something happening on campus, from social get-togethers to study sessions. Dive in and make the most of it. You'll find most of the information you need to know about living on campus right here.

Easy access to support on campus

If you're a student living on campus, get to know and make the most of the Residence LIFE team.

The Res LIFE team can connect you with a range of free student support services or get you started making the most of the social side of uni life.

Drop into the Res LIFE office on your campus during business hours to introduce yourself. Or contact Res LIFE say G'day outside of these times. Use the pdf maps for your campus to see where your local Res LIFE office is located.

  • Emergency and security calls


    In an emergency phone 000 (fire, police, ambulance), and then campus security.

    To contact campus security dial:

    • 1800 931 633 on any phone or mobile.
    • 400 shortcut on any internal phone
    • lifting the receiver on a blue campus security phone*

    See FMCentral for a map showing the location of blue security phones on each campus.

  • What does Res LIFE stand for?

    'Res' is simple, it's short for Resident and is the term we use to describe any students that live on campus while they study.

    'LIFE' stands for Leadership, Independence, Friendship and Engagement – and the team will help you develop in all these areas. They also organise loads of events to have fun and meet new people – everything from formal balls and gigs to movie nights and barbecues.

  • Introduce yourself to your Residential Leader

    Residential Leaders or RL's are selected for their knowledge of problems faced by resident students and their ability to assist. They are the go-between of the residents and the management of the student residences.

    We choose Residential Leaders based on their selected based on their leadership attributes. They are role models for students living on campus, showing how to behave and conduct yourself on campus.

    RL's are ambassadors for their residence and Charles Sturt University. Each resident leader is assigned to a particular area known as a dorm or block that they take responsibility for.

  • How can Residential Leaders help me?

    Residential Leaders have all been first-year students at some stage and fully appreciate how new students feel and the apprehension some first years may have.

    Go speak to your RL if you have a problem of any type, whether it is to do with your studies, the residences or some other issue in your life that you need assistance with. They are not counsellors, but they know what service is best to refer you to. They are there to help.

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