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COVID-19 and your on-campus accommodation
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11 Mar 2021 at 12:38pm

Remember to check in using the QR codes when on campus. Read more

Full time 2021 Accommodation Applications are open for all students.


Temporary accommodation

Charles Sturt University Students can make a request to stay on-campus in our accommodation on a temporary or casual basis.

You can make a booking for Short Stay accommodation at most Charles Sturt campuses. To make a short stay booking for temporary accommodation go to the StarRez portal.

Residential Leaders

Become a Residential Leader at Charles Sturt University

Residence Life has on-campus leadership opportunities that range from year-round peer support, to sustainability leadership, and creative media projects. Like the Residence Life at Charles Sturt University Facebook page to hear about leadership opportunities as they arise.

  • Introduce yourself to your Residential Leader

    Residential Leaders or RL's are selected for their knowledge of problems faced by resident students and their ability to assist. They are the go-between of the residents and the management of the student residences.

    We choose Residential Leaders based on their selected based on their leadership attributes. They are role models for students living on campus, showing how to behave and conduct yourself on campus.

    RL's are ambassadors for their residence and Charles Sturt University. Each resident leader is assigned to a particular area known as a dorm or block that they take responsibility for.

  • How can Residential Leaders help me?

    Residential Leaders have all been first-year students at some stage and fully appreciate how new students feel and the apprehension some first years may have.

    Go speak to your RL if you have a problem of any type, whether it is to do with your studies, the residences or some other issue in your life that you need assistance with. They are not counsellors, but they know what service is best to refer you to. They are there to help.

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