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COVID-19 and your on campus accommodation
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17 Sep 2020 at 2:44pm

Charles Sturt University is currently actively monitoring all developments regarding COVID-19 and its potential spread.

Session 2 is commencing in online delivery. Because of this, the accommodation arrangements implemented before Mid-Session break will continue until social distancing requirements are removed and the University deems it a safe and suitable time for students to return.

Your health and wellbeing is our priority. We will continue to follow advice from the Australian Government Health Authorities.

The COVID-19 Alerts page is being updated regularly to provide you with general advice on how to look after yours and others health as well as instructions to follow if you need to self-isolate or report a contact.

All ongoing updates affecting Residences will be communicated to you personally and updated here. If you are looking for how your Residential School may be impacted instead, visit Residential School important updates for COVID-19.


The following FAQs answer some of the general questions you may have around the changes to Residences that we are putting in place as part of our response to COVID-19.

  • Given Session 2 is now commencing online, when can I return to my accommodation to pack up and collect any of my remaining belongings?

    You can return to collect your items. Please email to organise the access requirements.

  • If I am currently living on campus can I stay and do I need to do anything?

    Yes, you can remain in your current accommodation. There is no change to this advice. If anything changes Residence Life will be in contact with you.

  • I have paid for accommodation until the end of the year, including session breaks. Will I be charged?

    If you return home, we will place a hold on your accommodation fees so you will not be charged. This includes adjusting payments for Package 2 students to ensure you are not charged for the break period if you are not on campus.

  • If I moved off campus due to the COVID-19 pandemic and university advice, am I able to return to residences?

    If your circumstances have changed and you need to return to residences this is possible as residences are still open. Please email and a Residence Life staff member will be in contact discuss your individual requirements. All residents should note they will be required to comply with relevant government health and social distancing requirements.

  • When will I be able to return to campus?

    Charles Sturt University is continuing to monitor all developments relating to COVID-19. As the situation is changing daily, we are unable to provide a definitive answer as yet regarding when you would be able to return to campus. We will contact you with further information as it becomes available.

  • What happens if classes resume on campus in Session 2?

    You will be able to return to residences and we will make contact with you regarding the move-in and access requirements.

  • What additional measures are being taken at the moment to ensure students' health and safety prior to the mid-session break?

    We are encouraging all students to follow social distancing measures, such as keeping a distance of 1.5 metres from other students where possible, not sharing cooking and eating utensils, and increasing hygiene measures. In addition, Charles Sturt University has chosen to cancel all non-essential events of any size, including student events, club events, workshops and other events not related to learning and teaching. We encourage all students to continue maintaining a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene in student residences.

  • My course has intensive residential schools or practical requirements on campus. Am I able to stay in residences during this period?

    Yes, there will be application process in place. Further advice will be available in the coming weeks.

  • I paid my fees upfront in full. Will I be refunded for the weeks when I am not living on campus?

    Yes, due to the exceptional circumstances of COVID-19 you will not be charged for the weeks when you are not on campus during this period. Residence Life will credit your account. Your room booking will also be held, with an expectation you will return to your on-campus accommodation when normal on-campus classes resume.

  • As a Package 1 student, does this mean my package dates change?

    Yes, your package dates will be updated to reflect the new arrangements.

  • Will the Res Life offices be open?

    Yes, Residence Life offices will still be open during this period, however opening hours and staffing are likely to be reduced.

  • Will my room booking still be available when normal operations resume?

    Yes, all room bookings will be held, and we expect you to return to your on-campus accommodation when normal on-campus classes resume.

  • Will the common areas/24 hour space be made available?

    Yes, Charles Sturt will be ensuring common areas are cleaned regularly and will encourage social distancing.

  • What wider support services will be available?

    As Charles Sturt University is a leading provider of online education, many of our student support services are already available online. For example, you can contact Student Central via email or live chat, or make online appointments with teams such as student wellbeing or Academic Skills.

  • What services are available in the mid session break

    As Charles Sturt University is a leading provider of online education, many of our student support services are already available online. For example, you can contact Student Central via email or live chat, or make online appointments with teams such as student wellbeing or Academic Skills.

  • How do I get ready for online delivery?

    Charles Sturt University is a leader in online delivery. You will find many of the tools you need to succeed studying online are the same tools you have used while studying on campus. For example, you will continue to access your subject outlines and study materials through Interact2. For extra assistance with studying online, all students will have access to the Introduction to Learning Online module through Interact2. You can also seek assistance from our Academic Skills team.

  • When on campus classes resume, what do I need to do to organise my accommodation?

    Nothing. When a decision is made on classes resuming, Res Life will let you know when you will be able to move back in.

    You will also be moving back to your current room upon return.

Full time 2021 Accommodation Applications are open for all students.


Temporary accommodation

Charles Sturt University Students can make a request to stay on-campus in our accommodation on a temporary or casual basis.

You can make a booking for Short Stay accommodation at most Charles Sturt campuses. To make a short stay booking for temporary accommodation go to the StarRez portal.

Fees, schedule and payment options

How much it costs to live on campus and how you can pay.

Internet and mail

How to connect to the internet, make and receive phone calls and how to get mail when you're living on campus.

Room cancellations

A room cancellation needs to be considered carefully. When cancelling your room or offer of a place, a cancellation fee may apply.

Residential appeals

A Residential Appeal is a process by which on-campus students living in our Halls of Residence may appeal accommodation charges that they believe have been incorrectly applied to their account.

Work with Residence Life

Become a Head Resident, Residential Adviser, Sustainability Adviser, or Residential Study Coordinator

Residence Life has on-campus employment and leadership opportunities that range from year-round peer support, to sustainability leadership, and creative media projects. Like the Residence Life at Charles Sturt University Facebook page to hear about opportunities as they arise.

  • What does a Residential Adviser do?

    The Residential Advisers, or RA's are selected for their knowledge of problems faced by resident students and their ability to assist. RA's are the conduit between the residents and the management of the Halls of Residence.

    Each RA has between 24 and 48 residents in their area. Regular meetings and functions are held throughout the year, there is always something going on!

  • How can they help me?

    RA's have all been first-year students at some stage and have a full appreciation of how new students feel and the apprehension some first years may have. RA's are the people you go to if you have a problem of any type, whether it is to do with your studies, the residences or some other issue in your life that you need assistance with. RA's are not counsellors, but they are trained in knowing what service is best to refer you to, they are there to help.

    There are RA's at each campus, additionally there are Head residents who supervise the RA's. There are also two Managers, Residential Operations, who are full-time professionals and manage the scheme at each major campus. The Managers are supported by four full-time Residential Operations Coordinators (located on all campuses).

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