Pay my accommodation fees

Once you have accepted your accommodation offer we will email you details on the amount you'll need to pay, when we will invoice and your payment options.

You can see the fees and other associated costs for each room type as you explore your available options.

How to make a payment

You can choose how you want to pay your accommodation fees and check how much you owe at any stage.

You can choose to pay your accommodation fees weekly or annually, one payment in full.

Depending on how you decide to make your payments, you will need to:

  • Pay weekly via BPAY or the Online Shop. We will email you an accommodation invoice a week in advance, and you’ll need to pay when you receive it.
  • Pay the entire annual accommodation fee at the beginning of the year using BPAY.

If you choose to use BPAY, you will need to quote your BPAY Customer Reference Number. This unique number is located in the top right-hand corner of your Charles Sturt University electronic statement.

See how to set up BPAY or pay using the online shop for detailed information about setting this up.

Life hack!  Set up automatic payments through your bank to make sure you never miss a payment.

Request a reduction in fees

If you are living on campus for a full year,  but find one of the following reasons applies;

  • hospitalisation
  • the death of a member of your immediate family
  • compulsory course practicum work

you may be eligible for a reduction of your accommodation fees.

To request a reduction in fees, see the Residence Life Guidelines for the Reduction of Accommodation Charges policy.

Request a reduction

Room cancellation fees

If you decide to cancel your accommodation after the the commencement date (as specified in the letter of offer), you'll need to pay your full package fees for your accommodation in addition to the cancellation fee.

When you apply for accommodation, please be aware of your commitment by reading the Accommodation Cancellation Guidelines.

How to cancel your accommodation

How to appeal or dispute accommodation charges

If you are living on campus and dispute a charge related to accommodation that has been incorrectly applied to your account, you can appeal it.

Examples of accommodation charges include:

  • Accommodation charges
  • Flexi Food plan charges
  • Fees (cancellation fee, final notice fee etc.)
  • Disciplinary charges

See how to make a residential appeal for more information.

Find prices of rooms

If you're already living on campus we will email you an accommodation invoice a week in advance. Or you can find other room prices on our find accommodation page.

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