Grade pending

If illness, injury or other issues prevent you from completing assignments, assessments or placements by the end of session, you may apply for Special Consideration.

If approved by the Head of School, an administrative grade of GP (Grade Pending) will be awarded. You’ll be given an extension of time to submit assessable work and a date by which that work must be submitted. Normally the GP grade will need to be converted to a substantive grade no later than 12 months after the end of the session you’re enrolled in.

This option is worth remembering if you’ve completed most of your subject and have unexpected long-term circumstances that prevent you from completing it. It can mean the difference between salvaging the subject and ending up with a Pass (or higher) rather than a Fail grade; or re-enrolling and completing the work again.

How to apply

Before you apply, follow these steps to make sure you're eligible and if so, that your application is complete.

Step 1

Check the deadlines

You should apply for Special Consideration as soon as possible after the circumstances have occurred.

See Time Limits for Special Consideration submission.

Step 2

Prepare your documentation

Make sure you include the right documentary evidence to support your application.

If you're applying because of illness, your medical practitioner will need complete a Charles Sturt University Student Medical Certificate form [PDF] and you must submit this with your request.

Step 3


Submit a Request for Special Consideration form and select An extension to complete an assignment, assessment or placement.

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