Exemption from Intensive School

You can apply for exemption from attendance at compulsory intensive schools.

How to apply

Before you apply, follow these steps to make sure you're eligible and if so, that your application is complete.

Step 1

Check the deadlines

Apply for special consideration as soon as possible after the circumstances have occurred and before the start of the intensive school.

See Time Limits for Special Consideration submission

Step 2

Reasons you can apply

You can apply for an exemption if:

  • you experience misadventure or extenuating circumstances
  • you’re re-enrolling in a failed subject and have previously satisfactorily completed the intensive school requirements when first enrolled in that subject (noting some schools do not consider this as a valid reason for exemption)
  • you’ve already completed the work to be taught at the intensive school.

Applications will be decided by the Head of School on the recommendation of the Subject Coordinator or Course Director (for course-based Intensive Schools).

Check your Interact2 subject sites for more specific intensive school information.

Step 3


Submit a Request for Special Consideration form and select An exemption or partial exemption from a compulsory residential school.

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