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Cloned Outlines

Information provided from a cloned Outline can be edited if necessary in the clone.

New Outlines - Editable Autotext

Assessments should be received by the University no later than the due date. You are requested to do all in your power to meet assessment deadlines.

If you experience misadventure or extenuating circumstances of a minor nature and need a short extension you should contact your Subject Coordinator.

If you experience misadventure or extenuating circumstances and require a longer extension you need to apply for Special Consideration.

Late assessments, without having an extension granted, may be returned with no marks awarded.

Click Autotext Refresh on the section menu to view and refresh the section with the current effective Editable Autotext. The Clone Autotext Refresh Prompt incorporates Autotext Refresh into the clone process – therefore some Authors may have already refreshed Autotext sections upon Outline creation.